About Me


Meet the Oh Daisy! family.  On the right is my long suffering husband, Ben, who lovingly tolerates my endless props, and their successful attempts at house-domination, my crazy ideas and probably a lot more than that!  In the middle is my small girl, Georgia, my Sweet Pea, my Pickle, my Smudge and… My Daisy! And on the left is me, Ruth, the face behind Oh Daisy!, and the very person who will document your precious moments should you decide to book a shoot with me. 

I love photographs and photography – I think they are one of the most important things in the world and if you, like me, steal away from the camera at every opportunity, then choosing a professional to do the job is definitely the way to go.

It is not often I will get in front of the camera, but I let my guard down once in a while so that my precious daughter will not look back at the photo archives wondering if she ever had a mummy!!  I can think of a million reasons why I should never grace the front of a camera but these are all outweighed by the fact that however I look, I know that those who love me will see straight past those extra pounds and wrinkles and the increasing grey hairs! Never let how you feel about yourself stop you from being in photographs, because your loved ones adore you, just the way you are!

When I am not in the studio or late night editing, I can be found making memories with my family, or ferrying my small Daisy, aka Georgia, between school, playdates, swimming, ice skating, dancing, or whatever the latest career aspiration is….  I can also be found walking like a penguin round my local supermarket…just because kids like madness, and maybe it is cool to be socially unacceptable once in a while?!

I am a propaholic! Wherever I go, whoever I am with I will always spot something and wonder if I could put a baby in, on, under or above it!  Sometimes without even speaking out loud, my husband will wake me from my reverie with a firm…NO…!  My addiction is likely to bankrupt me!

I also love cats (being allergic does not stop me!), Camping (well glamping really!), Champagne (anytime, anywhere, apart from when I am working of course!), Crafting ( you name it I will try it!) my new CrockPot (until the novelty wears off), Christmas (just because it is the most magical time of year for children) and, although it does not begin with C…SNOW..I Love it…as does the rest of the family!! Snow days ROCK!

Finally I love my job – I love capturing those sleeping cherubs, cheeky smiles, thoughtful glances. I love seeing children grow and develop through their milestone sessions. And I love seeing the expressions on your faces when you see those images for the very first time.

It’s a hard job – but it is also the best job in the world, and it is you, my clients that make it so!

 Thank You! x