Here is me (probably for one day only) making a concerted effort to catch up on my blog….all 7 months of it! And I start with Baby Ethan – who was a cutesy little newborn who brought his two big brothers along for the ride! Mum loved the little viking hat by Verity Isabelle so that was a must have in the photographs. And little Ethan slept like a little log on the cosy blanket.


I am most definitely of the opinion that it must take one special mummy to look after three special boys like this! Hats off to her!


Finally Mum, Claire really wanted a photo of Ethan in my teacup! I really tried but he was just a little too big to fit – must be a fairly common third baby hazard.  But with a little bit of photoshop magic, we managed to get the shot that mum really wanted!

2014-09-25_0003Your baby is only this tiny for a very short period of time, so you are interested in a Newborn Baby Photoshoot please don’t hesitate to get in contact.  The best time to book is after your twenty week scan.   I know it can seem silly booking pictures of a baby who has not yet put in their appearance, but we schedule a date around 8 days after your due date and then move it around if necessary.  I prefer to photograph babies under two weeks where possible, but have done up to six weeks. Obviously bear in mind that the older they are the bigger they might be and the less buckets and props they might fit in!! Often fitting babies in once they have arrived can be a little tricky so do get in touch early!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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