I had the pleasure of wee Mackenzie in the photography studio recently, for his first birthday photoshoot and cake smash!  I’m fairly convinced this wee man is just permanently on the go.  He just never stopped, despite being tired out from his big birthday party.

I always start off my photoshoots with some nice tidy photos before it is time to get messy!  Will you just look at that gorgeous mischievous face?


We made our way through a range of backdrops including the sweetie shop and super hero set for a bit of fun too!  I love his wee OOH face!


And we finally managed to tear him away from the lollipops with the lure of my BMW Roadster, which has to be one of my favourite studio props…well maybe not mine but certainly my little clients’ favourite prop. This gets the best expressions..until it is time to take them out of it!!;)


Finally it was time for Mackenzie’s cake smash…and to be honest there was a point where I thought he was going to manage the whole cake! There was much hilarity when he decided to charge for the BMW with his chocolatey fingers at the end!!  I just love cake smashes…not so fond of the cleaning up afterwards though!!  Do you think he liked the cake???


If your special bundle is coming up for the big first birthday…it would be lovely to hear from you. Pop over to the Say Hello Tab! The cake bit is fun – but not obligatory!!:)



Well, one mummy I know had a slightly unexpected Christmas this year!! Expecting to spend it as a mummy of two, one little man decided not to come out to play! I guess he wanted to know what was going on around him on his first Christmas! So this little chap, Toby, decided to put in his appearance on Boxing Day!

So this is Toby at three weeks new!


His big sister Eva was so very gentle with him, and is adjusting beautifully to life as a big sister!  I think she will take very good care of her little baby brother!


To finish the shoot, we decided to emulate some of the images we took at Eva’s newborn shoot.


This family, I am sure you will agree, look the picture of health! I am sure I look more sleep deprived than them on a normal day!  It is always lovely to see my families come back into the studio with their growing broods! <3