Who is Daisy?

There is one very special girl in my life…you know the kind who lights up your life and makes you laugh every day?   The kind that you want to hug really, really hard and never let go? The kind that simply melts your heart?

She is funny, cute, silly, bright, and shy; for 5 minutes a year. She is loud and bubbly; inquisitive, or nosey, though I have not quite worked out which!  She is kind and caring, very sensitive and occasionally a little terror! But, she is utterly gorgeous and her bravery, astounds us!

When that special girl was very very tiny, and before she came out to play, she was lovingly known as Daisy Bump!

After my family, every little bit of love left is poured into my second ‘baby’, my business, my photography… my endeavor to give you the most beautiful images of your babies and children, that I can possibly muster!

She loves Daisy! We love Daisy!  And so….“Oh Daisy!” is born!

I hope too, that you will love your time and experience with Oh Daisy!